Trauma Treatment

You can feel better!

I believe in the natural resilience of the human spirit. I believe you have within you the inherent capacity to heal from the trauma you have experienced.

My therapy approach is informed by over 20 years of educated experience working with clients who have trauma-related concerns such as PTSD, anxiety and depression to successfully tap into their capacity to heal.

I provide trauma-informed therapy that supports your goals of resiliency, healing and feeling better.

What is Trauma?

How do I know if I'm experiencing the effects of trauma?

How can I heal from trauma and feel better?

How can Fran help?

Is trauma negatively effecting me?

How can I begin to heal?

Is feeling whole possible?

What is trauma?

Trauma is damage to the mind, body and spirit that occurs as the result of a severely distressing event or series of events.

How do I know if I’m experiencing the effects of trauma?

If you are experiencing any of the following you may be suffering from the effects of trauma:


feeling on-guard


feeling numb


feeling depressed


excessive shame


a sense of helplessness


chronic fatigue


impairing distraction


feeling anxious all the time




feeling irritable/ on edge


feeling emotionally agitated


feeling physically agitated


chronic physical pain

Trauma happens to us and to people we know. It can be caused by childhood neglect, abandonment, physical abuse, sexual abuse, rape, domestic abuse, war, physical injury, death of a loved one or secondary exposure to any of these. Not only does trauma affect those who are exposed to it, it also affects those around them.

Those of us who have experienced trauma know that it can eclipse your state of well-being, leaving you to experience both personal and relational difficulties. The effects of these difficulties can permeate every part of your life, often leading to a pattern of symptoms that leaves you feeling helpless. This is the wounding legacy of trauma.

Can I heal from my trauma and feel better?

Yes! You can have the capacity to to feel:









When you’re in the midst of trauma it can be hard to IMAGINE being able to feel any way other than the way you feel right now. But, healing is possible for you. There is hope. You have within you all the wisdom and resources you need to heal your mind, body and spirit. And, you have the capacity to, with guidance and support, engage those resources. You are RESILIENT and courageous, and YOU CAN RECOVER and transcend the effects trauma has had on you.

You can feel whole energized, capable, hopeful, aware, strong, focused.

How can Fran help?


I have 20+ years of experience as a therapist helping people like you, who have experienced trauma(s) and are experiencing PTSD-related symptoms. I believe you hold within you all you need to release trauma, to restore hope and to feel better.

Compassionate Care

I can provide a caring, compassionate and patient therapy process tailored to your unique needs, providing Image result for image of i can help reaching handsguidance and support as you learn to draw on your inner resources to reclaim your life and build trust in yourself and others.

Trauma-Informed Treatment

I use a trauma-informed counseling model that draws on what we know from neuroscience, attachment research, and somatic experience research to inform the work we do together.

Is trauma negatively effecting me?

The symptoms of trauma-related issues, like PTSD, don’t always present the same for everyone. Some people who have experienced trauma are consciously aware of how the trauma has affected them. They notice how scattered they tend to be, how they go through life feeling on edge, feeling agitated, feeling depressed and anxious, having flashbacks or intrusive memories, feeling a sense of a loss of control that seems to permeate their life. Others, however, may go through life in a more disconnected, distracted and numb state – just going through the motions. They may not realize how the trauma has affected them day to day. They just know that life is not going the way they want it to and they want some help.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you in pain? Do you experience chronic stress in your personal life (you and your relationships)? Are you at your wits end, feeling helpless? You are not alone! And it’s important for you to know that things can get better. Recovery from the effects of trauma is possible. Research supports this idea. There are proven strategies that can help to guide you to reclaim your life by transcending the effects of trauma. Trauma-informed therapy provides a foundation from which you can begin your healing journey.

How can I begin to heal?

“The roots of resilience…are to be found in the sense of being understood by and existing in the mind and heart of a loving, attuned, and self-possessed other.”

~Diana Fosha, PhD

As a therapist, I have many years of experience counseling people who are suffering the effects of trauma(s). I have seen firsthand how resilient people can be, and I am committed to being a therapeutic partner to help people, such as you, to recover and attain a higher quality of life. I understand that you want to feel better, I believe you can, and I want to help! Let’s start the conversation and healing now!

The effects of trauma are experienced in the mind, body and spirit. The whole of you gets wounded. And your pattern of responding to the wounding that was created at the time of the trauma can continue long after the trauma event(s) is gone.

At the time of the trauma(s) your body experienced the fight-flight-freeze reaction, which can result in a heightened state of alertness in your central nervous system. This can lead to anxiety-like responses, which can show up as hypervigilance, always feeling on guard, panic. Or, it can show up as a chronic sense of feeling numb and disconnected from your body. You may also experience frequent headaches, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Your mind gets affected, too. You may experience a consistent sense of confusion, flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive memories, memory lapses, concentration difficulties, negative thoughts about yourself, chronic mistrust, and feeling disconnected from experiences with others.

When your spirit is wounded you often experience an underlying loss of your sense of self, a profound loss of trust and a sense of hopelessness.

Feeling whole again is possible!

When you begin healing from your trauma you want someone to listen to your story, you want to be heard. You want to hear that what you are experiencing – the pain in your mind, body and spirit – is valid and that recovery is possible. The nature of trauma is such that it eclipses your ability to trust in yourself and in your own innate healing tendency to tap into your inner resources to heal. And yet, you want to feel empowered.

So, if you don’t trust yourself, how in the world do you find a therapist you can trust in order to begin your journey of recovery and healing?

You start with one step – find a supportive therapeutic partner to guide you. You are the expert on your life. And because of this truth, you are a valuable partner in the therapy process. An experienced trauma-informed therapist will recognize this and will structure therapy to be collaborative and empowering – trusting that your inner resources will show up to guide the process. When this happens you are safely able to explore the role trauma plays in your personal life – historically and currently. And, through this process you empower yourself to not only manage symptoms and develop alternative ways of coping, but also to build and rebuild your ability to trust in relationships and in yourself. You regain agency, a sense of being in charge of your life. You experience recovery!

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